DAPRESY – Where are the Storytellers?

Where are the Storytellers?

As data sharing and communication broadens within companies so will the need for more storytellers. It is frequently reported that the need for storytellers is going to increase in the future.

The 2016 Q4 GRIT report highlighted Automation, Big Data, and Storytelling as game changers within the Market Research Industry. Are these three ‘game changers’ restricted to the market research industry? The growing need for storytellers will firstly increase the need for skilled and knowledgeable practitioners and secondly, the need for new storytelling tools.

Data visualization expert ‘Stephen Few’ said: “numbers have an important story to tell, they rely ON YOU to give them a clear and convincing voice.” There are many ways communicating the story of numbers can be achieved; infographics, dashboards, data presentations etc. The right platform or combinations of platforms depend on many factors. For me, the most important consideration is the intended use and your audience.   In the market research industry, the use of dashboards for ‘Storytelling’ continues to grow in popularity. Dashboards allow visuals and commentary to be combined with data.

For storytelling to be valued it needs to encourage the user to take action or make a change. Only by combining the right visuals, with the right data and right commentary will a user be encouraged to take action or change.

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