May 24, 2018


Foyer, Grand Windsor Ballroom

8:00am  -  8:45am

Check-in and grab your name badge, goody bag and a beverage ready for a big day.

Opening Address

Grand Windsor Ballroom

8:45 am  -  8:50 am

A bit of house keeping but most importantly our chance to say a HUGE thank you to all our delegates, speakers and sponsors for getting involved in #MCBris!

Jordana Borensztajn

Grand Windsor Ballroom

8:50am  -  9:00am

We kick things off with our MC for the day, Humorist, Author and Social Media Trainer Jordana Borensztajn. Jordana’s quick wit, energy and insights will mark the beginning of each content block of the day. Be prepared to be inspired, energised and in stitches.


Andrew Baxter

Grand Windsor Ballroom

9:00am  -  9:45am

CEO – Publicis

12 BIG Insights for Marketers 

In this session we’ll undercover insights and trends shaping the marketing landscape, drawing on case studies to reveal best practice from the worlds leading brands.

Christi Olson

Grand Windsor Ballroom

9:45 am  -  10:30am

International Keynote ~ Head of Evangelism Search, Microsoft (USA)

Unchattered Territory – Marketing in the Age of Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligent (AI) is evolving at a staggering pace, rapidly changing the way marketers and brands alike interact with their customers. AI has now hit the point of maturity where we’re seeing conversational interfaces and intelligent agents such as digital assistants, chatbots and voice skills featured in ads and tv shows.

Within the last year intelligent agents have gained momentum globally and are becoming a growing focal point for connecting with your customers so you can build deeper relationships. Both established and emerging brands are trying figure out their conversational AI strategy amongst a growing number of options in formats of intelligent agents as well as platforms and partners. Brands are also trying to understand how to create conversational agents that have more than knowledge or IQ, but that have EQ and elicits feelings and are engaging.

Join Christi as she discussions the near-term and long term value proposition behind Conversational AI, how it fits into your current Brand strategy, and ways you infuse EQ into the IQ of your conversational agents.

Morning Tea

King George Room

10:30am  -  11:00am

Time to grab a bite to eat and digest your first sessions.


Grand Windsor Ballroom

11:00am  -  11:10am

Jordana Borensztajn

Renee Davidson

Grand Windsor Ballroom

11:10am  -  11:55am

GM Marketing & Digital – RACQ

Brand In A Digital Age

RACQ formed in 1905 as an advocate for motorists, and today boasts annual revenue in excess of $1 billion, offering more than 35 member-services and products, including assistance, insurance, finance and travel services to its 1.6 million plus members.

Building and managing brands has become increasing complex and challenging. The way consumers perceive and interact with brands has changed significantly. In this new digital age, brand and customer experience are intertwined. Learnings from RACQ and the market.

Delegates key takeaways include:

  • Importance of brand
  • What you can control
  • Key brand and marketing metrics that drive business outcomes

Holly Masters

Grand Windsor Ballroom

11:55am  -  12:40pm

CEO – McGrath Foundation

Making it Happen: How Agility has Led to the McGrath Foundation Being One of Australia’s Most Successful Charities.

It might surprise you to learn that an agile culture is critical for not-for-profits to optimise their social impact. Here’s why: the problems that need to be solved are massive in scale and critical for communities, it’s an incredibly crowded space and there’s greater financial unpredictability.

In this talk Holly Masters, CEO of the McGrath Foundation, explains how adaptability has been the key to the Foundation becoming one of Australia’s most loved and respected charities over the last 13 years.


King George Room

12:40pm  -  1:30pm

Nom nom nom…refuel with a sandwich, salad, hot dish or go straight for the cheese platters! We won’t judge.


Grand Windsor Ballroom

1:30pm  -  1:40pm

Jordana Borensztajn

Simon Kelly

Grand Windsor Ballroom

1:40pm  -  2:10pm

Director Media + Public Affairs QPS

The Evolution Of Social Media For QPS

The Queensland Police Service is a socially savvy force, with the most amount of fans on a police Facebook page in the English speaking world.

The QPS social media journey started off in 2010 with the objective to deliver a mixture of operational policing information, public safety alerts and human interest stories direct to the community in a timely manner. The Facebook page has since grown to nearly 1 million fans and gained internationally recognition, receiving numerous awards and praise as a world leader in natural disaster management on social platforms.

In this session we’ll walk through a case study of how the Queensland Police Service has adapted its use of social media over the past eight years for communicating and engaging with the public.

Mireille Ryan

Grand Windsor Ballroom

2:10pm  -  2:40pm


Navigating the Evolving Social Media Landscape 

Over the last few years, social media has grown from a platform where we pass the time and watch cat videos, into a holistic tool that can level the playing field between businesses of all sizes, and drive companies forward online. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness or building an audience, there’ll be a social channel to meet your needs.

As with the rest of marketing, social media will continue to evolve – platforms will alter algorithms, privacy laws will change and the type of content we consume will keep moving.

In this session we learn how to become an expert adapter, agile to change and equipped with the tools to face tomorrows challenges.

Chris Williams + Vadim Petrichenko

Grand Windsor Ballroom

2:40pm  -  3:10pm

Director – Blue Star Direct with Technology & Corporate Services – Transurban

Using Data To Optimise The Customer Experience

Blue Star Direct with Transurban

For many organisations obtaining customer data isn’t an issue, they have an abundance of it. From transactional data to customer survey data and everything in between most companies have all the customer information they need to drive truly engaging marketing communication. Yet many of them aren’t. Why? Because they are drowning in data and not using it effectively.

In this session we will walk through case studies highlighting strategies to dissect your data dilemmas and optimise your customer experience.

Afternoon Tea

Grand Windsor Ballroom

3:10pm  -  3:40pm

Stretch the legs and grab a refreshment before getting stuck into our final sessions of the day.


Grand Windsor Ballroom

3:40pm  -  3:50pm

Jordana Borensztajn

Sammy Lewis

Grand Windsor Ballroom

3:50pm  -  4:20pm

AU Sales Director – TRIBE

The Mad Scramble in Digital Advertising

Just a few years ago, in TV, radio, print and out of home, marketers could engage millions with a handful of visual assets.

Yet survival in digital advertising requires COUNTLESS variation.

Brands are caught off guard and existing creative solutions fall short. Creative Agencies are set up for high quality, low volume production assets while Stock Image libraries deliver the very antithesis of personalization.

So what’s the solution?

Join TRIBE’s Sammy Lewis as she deep-dives into the fastest growing creative solution on the planet and introduces you to a brand using it to their advantage.

Heidi Monsour

Grand Windsor Ballroom

4:20pm  -  4:50pm

Head of Marketing & Consumer Engagement – Queensland Rugby

It’s All About the Experience

If you build it they will come… now it’s if you build the experience they will come. With the changing landscape of engaging consumers and audiences by offering ‘more’ than the expected, organisations are needing to become ‘expert adapters’ in order to compete not only in their industry, but also across other industries, by partnering with like-minded brands.

Hear what Heidi has to share after 12months in the role of Head of Marketing and Consumer Engagement at Queensland Rugby.

Prize Draw

Grand Windsor Ballroom

4:50  -  5:00pm

Drop your business card into the bowl at registration to go into the draw for our awesome sponsor prizes!


Sixteen Antlers Rooftop Bar

5:00pm  -  Til late

Watch the city scape twinkle while you talk over the days highlights with your marketing community.