June 8, 2017


Foyer, Grand Windsor Ballroom

8:00 am  -  8:30 am

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Opening Address

Grand Windsor Ballroom

8:30 am  -  8:45 am

A bit of house keeping but most importantly our chance to say a HUGE thank you to all our delegates, speakers and sponsors for getting involved in #MCBris17!

Lauren Fried

Founder Pulse Collective

8:45 am  -  9:30 am

The last thing you need is advertising

We now operate in a new world of marketing – new audiences you can reach, with differing behaviours and online power, across markets with rapid delivery of products and services, being challenged by new leading edge platforms and ways of communicating.

Businesses run to their agencies as a way to solve the problem through advertising, when that should be at the end of the journey.

Andy Lark


9:30 am  -  10:00 am
The Connected Customer – Why & How Enterprises and Institutions Must Transform Digitally to Grow

Achieving digital greatness requires shifting growth from purely the business agenda to being an integral part of vision and purpose.

  • Understand: The five Ps of digital and marketing transformation – Participation, Proximity, Prediction, Play and Purpose
  • Experience: Real-world examples and techniques for out-innovating and outmarketing the competition from digital brand leaders like Commonwealth Bank, Uber, Air New Zealand, and Dell.
  • Learn: tools like the “Moment of Doubt & Dissatisfaction” for creating winning digital products and services; and, Agile Management for rapid prototyping and development. How should we rewire a global business in the 21st century?
  • Create: a new operating system for your business that drives innovation, collaboration and extraordinary results.

Morning Tea

King George Room

10:00 am  -  10:30 am

Time to grab a bite to eat and digest your first sessions.

Jules Lund

Founder TRIBE

10:30 am  -  11:15 am

Influencer Generated Content: How to unlock the world’s creativity.

Ever since Eve said to Adam “Try this apple!”, trusted referrals have been at the pinnacle of influence.

And after a century of mass media, social platforms have allowed the conversations to once again be intimate. But with two distinct differences; people now share stories across the planet – not just the campfire. And the dialect is VISUAL.

Through imagery, social media lovers express their lifestyle and the hundreds of brands that define it. The wine they love, clothes they wear and snacks they crave. Billions of images showcasing every conceivable brand, sitting idle in people’s phones. Yet marketers are buckling under the pressure of generating the endless volume of branded content needed to stave off their screaming social feeds. Spending tens of thousands of dollars contriving moments with actors holding their product, while their consumers celebrate it daily through beautiful content at billboard size and magazine quality.

This is the golden opportunity this session will bring to life. A freelance economy that lies between content creation, technology and the new social currency: influence.

Russ Vine

MD - Ogilvy Brisbane

11:15 am  -  11:45 am

Inspiration from an unlikely source – How Government is leading the way with a dynamic CX based marketing approach

Rapid change is the new norm. Marketing isn’t even marketing any more. But as we wrestle all of us with navigating a post-digital, data-driven communications landscape that shifts endlessly, the Government of all people are harnessing tech to deliver the kind of large scale customer engagement that many major commercial brands would die for.

In this session we’ll go behind the scenes of how some recent and current Government campaigns were planned and implemented, to understand the key strategies and tactics at play. Then we’ll consider some learnings and take outs that ANY marketing team in the public OR private sector could utilise to help them better achieve their own marketing goals.

James Gilbert

Head of Marketing HubSpot

11:45 am  -  12:15 pm

Marketing to Humans: Is Content still King?

In today’s market, having a personalised content strategy is essential to enhance customer experience, increase engagement, identify new opportunities and ensure business growth. This session will provide you with techniques and tips on the fundamentals of inbound marketing including:

  • How to create a killer on-page and off-page content strategy that can increase your quality website traffic by 3x
  • How personalised content can increase your traffic to lead conversation rate by 50%
  • How to start creating buyer personas to better target your ideal prospect
  • How to nurture leads and keep existing customers engaged with real-time content


King George Room

12:15 pm  -  1:15 pm

Nom nom nom…refuel with a sandwich, salad, hot dish or go straight for the cheese platters! We won’t judge.

Thomas Thurston

MD WR Hambrecht Ventures (USA)

1:15 pm  -  2:00 pm

Catching Unicorns: The new frontier of growth and innovation investment decision-making

World over corporate growth efforts, along with start-ups, have continued to fail 70-90%. Now a statistical tool, MESE™, developed by Thomas, is more than doubling the odds of success by enabling executives to better quantify and manage risk associated with NPD, M&A and corporate venture capital – helping them find and lasso the unicorns that will disrupt the market and provide exponential growth opportunities.

In this session Thomas will share his journey, the science, process, and performance of MESE™, along with the ongoing research that drives his life’s ambition to reduce business failure. Thomas is a highly engaging speaker with the unique ability to make the most complex appear simple.

Maree Taylor

MD Colmar Brunton

2:00 pm  -  2:30 pm

It is a constant state of becoming. We’re never going to “get there”. Embrace it!

Focusing on how technology will shape our future, this will be a thought provoking session.

We spend so much of our time looking at the present, but what is coming?

By sharing some key trends and new innovations (high tech to the terrifying) from now until 2030, we hope to spark thought about how society and business will evolve based on what we can already see on the horizon.

Murray Howe

Strategy Lead APAC Adobe

2:30 pm  -  3:00 pm

The Third Wave: Responding to disruption & marketing beyond product & distribution.

We are operating in a period of sustained disruption, where 70% of all effort is focused on disrupting the last mile of customer experience and picking the winners is really hard. As existing organisations learn to be agile in the face of change, shifting organisational mindset from product & distribution to customer experience presents marketers with a daunting prospect with implications across process, people and platform. Thankfully, there are things we can do to lessen the impact, map a course and make progress within the limitations we face.

Afternoon Tea

King George Room

3:00 pm  -  3:30 pm

Stretch the legs and grab a refreshment before getting stuck into our final sessions of the day.

Nicole McInnes

MD eHarmony

3:30 pm  -  4:00 pm

What’s (Brand) love got to do with it?

With the advent of data attribution Marketing has been dragged out of the previously relegated “colouring-in room” and put at the centre of business growth. This has created a new version of marketing that does require an analytical understanding and commercial acumen that in some cases was missing from marketing departments of the past. But in our excitement at being taken seriously has marketing lost it’s imagination? Has the limited data we do get been misrepresented as the whole story? This presentation will explore the gap that data has yet to fill, while challenging the data vs creative argument that is so often appearing in oped pieces. If you think Marketers need or don’t need, to be data scientists this session is for you.

David Pich


4:00 pm  -  4:30 pm
Disrupt or die. Why changing strategy was just the beginning at the Australian Institute of Management.

Over the past 3 years, the 76-year old Australian Institute of Management has amalgamated six State-based stand-alone organisations into one national Membership body, divested of its loss making training and education business, undertaken a comprehensive inside out brand review … and lost 10,000 Members! It was time for a radical rethink to recapture relevance. It’s time to start talkin’ bout a revolution at AIM.

4:30 pm  -  4:45 pm

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4:45 pm  -  5:00 pm

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