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Make your brand stick! How to amplify your brand with event AV

In marketing, the more we can amplify our brands the better. Keeping one step ahead of our competitors is more challenging than ever, due to the rapid changes in technology and how educated our audiences are about what is out there.

However, with a great audio visual (AV) event partner, you can be assured to make a real impact with your events, and amplify your brand with the help of people in the know. Here are our top tips for amplifying your brand at your events.

Choose the right partner

There’s nothing worse than bad AV at a corporate event. You might have paid thousands for the food, and the venue, but if people can’t hear or see– what’s the point?

Your choice of AV partner is as important as your brand of bubbly; therefore, it’s vital that you choose a quality AV company to partner with that encompass the same values as your organisation or brand – otherwise, they just won’t be able to deliver. Always remember that the creative and technical production at your events represents what you’re all about.

AV to make your brand message stick

You can cleverly use AV design and technology at your events, to amplify your message and leave your guests with a lasting impression.

If you want to make people feel special, you can highlight red carpets or tunnels for entry points, or when launching something new; stunning reveals, choreographed with lighting, visuals and sound always impress. Icons projected onto dining tables, seamless projections on extra-long screens and theatrically themed lighting design says a lot about your brand.

The effects of the event experience inspired by AV will have long lasting impact after the doors close – making your brand stick in the minds of your guests and giving them something amazing to talk about.

Align with your audience expectations

Understanding your audience’s expectations is key to being able to surpass them. Ask yourself, are they tech savvy? Innovative? Conservative? Like to talk or party? Want to be wowed by content? Or, is your audience wanting to clearly hear the speaker and have enough light to network in?

Your AV partner should help you understand how to meet your client’s expectations with event technology.

Your venue counts – in more ways than one

Where you have your event has a major impact on what you can do from an AV perspective – not all ballrooms are created equally, and not all venues charge the same way for access to technology, bump-in policies, electricity and access to Wi-Fi. It is vital that you understand what you are buying in your venue space as it may limit you dramatically with what is possible from an AV point of view.

Always appoint your AV provider before you sign a venue contract. This could save you thousands as you work out what your requirements are. With the right AV team and technical directors, you’ll know what questions to ask, have the right support and will be empowered to make sure your event is amplified no matter what the location.

Be multi-dimensional and memorable

With increasing connectivity of audiences comes the blurring of boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Nowhere is this more acutely represented than in the advancement of innovative 3D holographic technology. As the exclusive distributor of Musion in Australia, Haycom uses holographic technology to transform the way audiences experience live events.

Imagine your brand, product or service being delivered at your event as a hologram – you can be as creative as you like – anything is possible with the versatility of the technology – a health organisation might have a beating heart centre stage, an automotive company could pull a car engine apart on stage, or you can have a keynote speaker literally being beamed in live at your conference.

Using high definition video projection, coupled with clever lighting and incredible 3D content, holographic projection allows you to connect to your audience in ways never seen before.

Musion will create a multi-dimensional and memorable experience, make your brand stand out from the crowd and be a talking point long after the event has ended!

Choose Haycom and bring your event to life!

As Australia’s most trusted technical production company, Haycom is known for its exceptional customer service, and talented team of highly skilled and passionate technical professionals who have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest developments in the tech landscape. Our team talks your language and makes having and hiring the latest technology easy, without being made to feel ignorant of the lingo.

From start-ups to multi-national’s Haycom offers a personalised approach to designing and delivering the latest event technology to align with your brand and amplify your event.

Contact Haycom today to see how we can enliven your events with trusted audio visual production and creative content solutions.