Nicole McInnes

June 8, 2017

Nicole McInnes

Managing Director

3:30 pm  -  4:00 pm
MD eHarmony

What’s (Brand) love got to do with it?

With the advent of data attribution Marketing has been dragged out of the previously relegated “colouring-in room” and put at the centre of business growth. This has created a new version of marketing that does require an analytical understanding and commercial acumen that in some cases was missing from marketing departments of the past. But in our excitement at being taken seriously has marketing lost it’s imagination? Has the limited data we do get been misrepresented as the whole story? This presentation will explore the gap that data has yet to fill, while challenging the data vs creative argument that is so often appearing in oped pieces. If you think Marketers need or don’t need, to be data scientists this session is for you.