Jules Lund

June 8, 2017

Jules Lund


10:30 am  -  11:15 am
Founder TRIBE

Influencer Generated Content: How to unlock the world’s creativity.

Ever since Eve said to Adam “Try this apple!”, trusted referrals have been at the pinnacle of influence.

And after a century of mass media, social platforms have allowed the conversations to once again be intimate. But with two distinct differences; people now share stories across the planet – not just the campfire. And the dialect is VISUAL.

Through imagery, social media lovers express their lifestyle and the hundreds of brands that define it. The wine they love, clothes they wear and snacks they crave. Billions of images showcasing every conceivable brand, sitting idle in people’s phones. Yet marketers are buckling under the pressure of generating the endless volume of branded content needed to stave off their screaming social feeds. Spending tens of thousands of dollars contriving moments with actors holding their product, while their consumers celebrate it daily through beautiful content at billboard size and magazine quality.

This is the golden opportunity this session will bring to life. A freelance economy that lies between content creation, technology and the new social currency: influence.